Pre-College and Outreach

Service and Programs

The School's extensive experience in training and educating individuals at various levels includes summer pre-college engineering orientation and other outreach programs.

Office of Student Services. This Office conducts three programs for high school students: the Minority Scholars Program, a joint effort with the University of Maryland (College Park) in which students receive college credit for a computer programming course taught at Maryland and an introduction to engineering course taught at Howard; and the Howard University METCON Program and the MESCO Program in which students work in engineering-related areas at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the Department of Energy; and PEPCO, sponsors of the program.

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The Center for Energy Systems and Controls (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering) coordinates a five-week pre-college program sponsored by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA/Lewis) which accommodates approximately 15 high school students. Students were selected based on their interests, academic preparation and letters of recommendation.

Howard University Materials Science Research Center of Excellence (MSRCE). MSRCE sponsors an outreach program in collaboration with similar centers at the University of California/Santa Barbara and the University of Illinois.

Freshman Summer Bridge Program

The Freshman Summer Bridge program is a four-week summer program for selected freshman students who have been admitted to the College of Engineering, Architecture, and Computer Sciences (CEACS).

Participants in the program will spend four weeks on Howard University's campus. Students will participate in classes, workshops, social activities and small group projects to aid in their making an easy transition to the university.

The cost of the program, room and board is absolutely free for students to participate. Although there is no charge to students for participating in the program, they are encouraged to bring personal monies for outings and personal enjoyment. Prior to participating, students must have paid the $300 University enrollment fee to confirm their intention to attend Howard University.

By the end of the program it is expected that students will have increased their:

  • personal growth and maturity that will facilitate a smooth transition to college life;
  • awareness of the requirements and rewards of the engineering, architecture and computer science professions;
  • proficiency to earn above average grades during the freshmen year, and
  • knowledge of campus resources.

Further questions/concerns about the program can be directed to:

Jean-Louise Turner
Pre-College and Admissions Coordinator
College of Engineering, Architecture and Computer Sciences
(202) 806-5524


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