Corporate Team Adoption Program

Students in the college of Engineering, Architecture and Computer Science (CEACS) will be invited to participate in a corporate team adoption program. Students will be asked to choose from a list of corporations, the company whose team they would like to join. Students will be placed in teams ranging from 12 – 20 members/. The team leader will be un upperclassman student enrolled in CEACS. Throughout the year, the company will visit the team at Howard to render technical assistance serve as a mentor, and facilitate discussions, team work and presentations skills.

Each team continues to work with their sponsoring company up through graduation through internship opportunities, assisting at recruiting functions, attending information sessions and serving as advisors to future first-time college students. This process helps the students learn about the company’s culture, industry and current business interests through research, company sponsored training session and site visits. The teams serve as on-campus ambassadors for the company as well as sources of information concerning possible relationships with the companies

Program Objectives

  • To assist students to remain focused on graduation
  • To assist students in becoming proactive team members
  • To assist students in becoming more knowledgeable of the corporate world
  • To assist students on developing professionally and personally

Program Expected Results

  • Increased retention
  • Exposure to career opportunities
  • Constructive and mutually beneficial relationships between students and potential employers
  • Increased corporate exposure on campus


Since its inception in 1998, ten corporations have partnered with Howard University's College of Engineering, Architecture and Computer Sciences (CEACS) to create lasting pre-professional experiences for its students. Coordinated within the Office of Student Services, corporate representatives sponsor a team of students ranging from freshmen to senior who take part in a series of unique pre-professional activities throughout the academic year. These activities are designed to help build a solid relationship among team members and their corporate sponsors. Program activities include a welcome dinner at the beginning of the fall semester, development workshops, satellite meetings, competitions, demonstrations, a site visit to their corporate sponsor's headquarters, and an awards ceremony at the end of the academic year.


  • Guide students in their personal and professional development.
  • Instill teamwork skills.
  • Expose students to corporate-world experiences.

Team Responsibilities

Each team is assigned an upper-class Team Leader who is responsible for molding his/her team into a cohesive group that reflects the true meaning of "teamwork". Team Leaders are also responsible for spearheading projects proposed by their corporate sponsor at the beginning of the spring semester.

Team members are responsible for participating in program activities consistently. Consistent participation is a reflection of a solid relationship among team members and a genuine commitment  to corporate sponsors. This program has been designed for students who are serious about developing a well -balanced academic experience.

Participating Firms

  • Abbott
  • Corning
  • General Motors
  • Goldman Sachs


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